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Nothing will stop a real estate transaction faster than learning through search services that the seller is not the rightful owner due to claims on the property. Why? Because what many don’t realize is that mortgage claims as well as unpaid property taxes, homeowners association (HOA) fees and unpaid bills are attached to the property and not the owner. This means they may become the new owner’s responsibility if not resolved prior to settlement. For this reason and others, the first step is to conduct a title search using public records to determine the “property’s rightful, legal owner.” At NITA, our team has years of experience in title search services and like any good detective, we know what to look for and where.

What we look for when using search services

As a neutral third party to the transaction, NITA searches for any issues that will put the brakes on a property sale going through. A short list includes:

  • Liens
  • Unpaid fees for work performed
  • Undisclosed owners or heirs with claims to the property
  • Special assessments on the property
  • Outstanding loans on the home

How and where we search

In order to determine if a property is “clean” and thus allow the sale to go through, we thoroughly investigate public records including any and all relevant legal documents that might reveal defects. Often our searches take us to courthouses and county offices, so no stone is left unturned.

NITA’s search services do not stop with uncovering information; we act on it. If we find a “clean” title, we move forward to manage the next step in closing. On the contrary, if a sale is at risk as a result of search findings, our team works hand in hand with the owner, realtor and other partners to the transaction to make “dirty” title clean.

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