Is it true I can choose my title insurance agency?

Title insurance costs are regulated by the state and there are many title insurance providers. What many may not know is they have a choice. The seemingly hidden yet required component to any real estate transaction may be the same on paper but as with many widgets, experience matters. Buying a home or commercial property is a large investment so finding trusted partner can make all the difference.

What is the “key” to a successful title insurance transaction?

Communication. NITA has gone to great lengths that begins with our CEO, who despite an unwavering commitment to touch each and every one of our customers. “I speak a lot about technology, texts and AI but nothing replaces a live voice and their response to it speaks volumes.”

What three components set NITA apart?

We call is our 3-P’s – our people, our process and our place. NITA’s title insurance specialists share one goal – exceptional service. To achieve this end, we use a custom automated title settlement processing system within a state-of-the-art collaborative work environment. The result: greater reporting, enhanced security, increased communication and ultimately a superior customer experience.

Why so much emphasis on the NITA workspace?

People really enjoy our office. When NITA moved to its new headquarters in 2019, we were very strategic in creating a client-centric, high-tech shared work environment for clients, colleagues and staff. The feedback has surpassed our expectations. Hearing those who visit describe the office as welcoming and seeing our team collaborate was exactly what we hoped to achieve.

How does the NITA process drive our service?

NITA’s custom automated title settlement processing system improves internal efficiencies and enables backend time tracking. But that’s just what we see on our end. The true benefit is for our clients who can check the status of their file at any time – day or night – and provides access on demand, updating clients directly via text.

How do you best describe the NITA team?

Dedicated professionals who not only understand title and the closing process; they have a passion for it. As with any good team, we embrace our differences. We are a family working in an environment built upon respect and this camaraderie is at the core of servicing our clients and building strong relationships with our colleagues.

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