Parties of a closing often extend beyond the buyer, seller and representative realtors, attorneys and lenders have their own role in the process, yet each have their own needs and NITA is well-versed in both. Further, we have an eye for details and work with partners to avoid critical oversights amid due diligence.

Collaboration made simple

After years of challenging communication between title companies, attorneys and lenders with hours spent on numerous phone calls, emails and sorting through files just to find answers, our custom automated title settlement processing system offers a safe and secure channel for sensitive documents to be viewed and shared, and answers right at your fingertips.

No more bottlenecks

Like a traffic jam caused by the smallest fender bender, the closing process can be delayed when information is inaccessible, and questions go unanswered. Attorneys and lenders cannot be left waiting for necessary information about the buyer, title and insurance during this process. NITA makes documents available and on hand for questions via text or online chat.

Anticipating each next step

At NITA we don’t sit and wait; we are always looking forward and anticipating the next step in the process. This keeps the transaction moving and why we have become a sought-after partner for many of the area’s leading lenders and real estate lawyers. We take pride in being both proactive and intuitive to avoid unnecessary delays.

Safe, secure and simple

Those three words say it all when it comes to the transfer of confidential documents but equally so for the financial matters associated with the closing process. Ensuring accuracy and efficiency is critical. NITA’s title settlement process is both fast and easy, developed to maintain the highest level of data and computer systems security and eliminate vulnerabilities in the closing process.

NITA understands the closing process and pitfalls when information is inaccessible, or questions go unanswered. That’s why our lines of communication are always open – offering proven solutions for even the most complex matters. We provide real time notices, address key closing milestones and ensures everyone is on the same page at all times.

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