Residential Title

Whether a first-time homebuyer or seasoned real estate professional, you can trust NITA to navigate the closing process and eliminate the risks that lead to residential title claims. For many, purchasing or selling a home can be daunting. It is also one of the largest transactions individuals might make in their lifetime. Communication is paramount and for each file, we have an assigned transaction coordinator involved from order entry through closing.

Stay current at all times

A home is more than a large investment. It is personal whether you are the buyer or seller. With so many critical details involved in a property closing and each one as important as the next, you need access to the most current documents, deadlines and information specific to your file. NITA provides easy, secure access so everyone is on the same page at all times.

Looking ahead to what is next

The NITA team prides itself on being both proactive and intuitive. We anticipate “next steps” as a way to avoid unnecessary delays and the lines of communication are always open. We provide real time notices and address key closing milestones, to include title commitment issued, settlement scheduled, settlement reminder and settlement completion.

E-Closings signed, sealed, delivered

The digital world has made a “world” of difference in everything we do these days. Buying or selling a home is one of them. For those who prefer the convenience of an e-closing, NITA safely transfers all necessary residential title documents to be executed and signed electronically when possible. This also includes a fast, efficient and secure escrow transfer process to handle the financial matters with ease and without delay.

The finest transaction details

Compliance and due diligence – two daunting elements of any transaction but we are here to help navigate both. NITA does more than comply with the current regulations but ensures all of our systems and processes are easily adapted to meet ever-changing compliance requirements. Further we recognize the value of experienced real estate lawyers and partners with legal experts skilled in due diligence for settlements and closings.

Beyond the use of advance technology to access information day and night, the truth remains residential title insurance is a “people” business. Nothing will likely replace the value of sitting across the table or speaking to a live voice on the telephone. Our NITA team is available to provide solutions but even more, they are eager to do so.

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