NITA recognizes residential agents and brokers of commercial properties have a unique set of needs. Communication and accessibility to real-time transaction details top the list and both areas in which we excel – providing all the important information at your fingertips day and night.

Stay current at all times

With so many critical details involved in a property closing and each one with its own particular components, you need access to the most current documents, deadlines and information specific to the file. We are on it and ensure everyone is on the same page at all times.

No more phone tag

Closings are a process with various parties all seeking one goal. When working together, everyone needs to touch base whenever it’s convenient. In the past, that meant numerous calls, voice mails and missed return calls. NITA’s custom automated title settlement processing system and a fully-integrated virtual assistant provides all the important information on hand when you are on the go.

Avoid the waiting game

Working late and need access to the most current cost estimate or closing document? Is a client asking about their file? You don’t want to (or cannot) wait for the title company to open in the morning. NITA has built a system to answer your questions and access documents needed any time day or night.

A vault filled

The last closing process step is nearing and there are a number of documents that need to be signed by the buyer and seller. As realtor agents and brokers of commercial properties, you often take hold of gathering all the paperwork for clients amid the complicated process. NITA’s systems help securely transfer all necessary documents to be executed and signed electronically.

So yes, NITA can and does assist all parties involved in the title insurance transaction. However, for realtors and your unique set of needs, our team won’t disappoint.

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