Commercial Title

At NITA, our in-house examining team has over 50 years’ experience researching commercial real estate titles and we understand the needs of brokers, lenders and their counsel. However, it is our response time for clearance on high liability issues, additional searches, title endorsements and corporate documents make us the “go to” title agent in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Big deals with fine print

Commercial real estate deals are known to be “big” and often the fine details can be easily lost in the voluminous paperwork associated with settlement. NITA’s team offers a second or even third set of experienced eyes that can review the multiple forms and other documentation to ensure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

E-Closings made easy

Today everyone is on the run. Trying to get the group of parties involved in a commercial transaction together in one location may be virtually impossible. Thus “virtual” has become a key word and the digital world has made the convenience of an e-closing even more valuable. NITA’s custom automated title settlement processing system offers a secure channel for sensitive documents and safely transfers all necessary documents to be executed and signed electronically when possible.

Deadlines are made to be met

Whether an investor developing land for new housing or business owner buying office space, managing timelines can make or break the “deal.” With so many critical details involved in a property closing and each one as important as the next, NITA outlines all the necessary steps to a smooth closing. This includes using our experience to anticipate the unknown and combining comprehensive expertise with the right resources to meet required deadlines.

Ever-changing regulations and standards

The last thing clients and partners want to worry about is if the selected title insurer is compliant. NITA does more than comply with the current regulations but ensures all of our systems and processes are easily adapted to meet ever-changing compliance requirements.

Every transaction is different. NITA and its experienced team bring collective wisdom to the closing table and finds what works for each buyer, seller, realtor and partner to the transaction no matter the size. Our solid foundation combined with a streamlined process gets the job done with the fewest challenges.

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