Joseph Brotherton

Joseph (Joe) Brotherton has had a passion for graphic design since 2005 which became a springboard for his career – one that has included holding several diverse positions in sales, media and advertising. In 2019 he joined NITA as a marketing coordinator using his degrees in both advertising and graphic design to support clients with custom marketing materials. Before long Joe was promoted to Director of Marketing and expanded his work to include efforts assisting the NITA sales team and company as a whole.

Born and raised in South Jersey, Joe enjoys a good challenge – something there is no shortage of in the real estate industry. Equally as invigorating is that every day, every client and every request is different just like an original design or piece of art. It is this combination that drives Joe both professionally and personally.

“I view each day as a new mountain in my path,” says Joe, a self-proclaimed, adventure-seeking outdoorsman who has scaled some of the most dangerous hikes in America. “In my role, I am able to use my skill in design to foster our growth and build long-standing relationships with clients.”